Meet Pete, a blind horse rescued from Pee Wee Farm cruelty case

Pete is a blind 20 yr old Appaloosa horse rescued from the Pee Wee Farm cruelty case.

It is with great joy that we welcome Pete to Animal Nation. 

Pete is a 20 yr old Appaloosa horse. We rescued him from Pee Wee Farm in Easton, CT this week. Pee Wee Farm's owner has been charged with animal cruelty and the court has ordered him to get rid of the horses there. It has been many months and many horses remained. You can read about the cruelty case here:

We actually went there to pick up two barn cats but could not leave Pete behind. Pete was stumbling over rocks and had no shelter. He is thin and needs love. We will provide him with the care he so desperately needs, including a heated barn and pasture, vet care, good quality grain and hay so he can start living the good life.

The cost of Pete's lifelong care will be $400-500 per month and that is with the barn space being donated. Horses are costly no matter what, and Pete has special needs. 

You can donate to Pete's Fund via our Fundrazr at this link: http://fnd.us/c/6MpB2

We know he deserves a chance to be happy. Again, this is a lifelong commitment we are making to Pete. If you are able, please help us help him.

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KerriAnn Hofer September 30, 2012 at 12:05 AM
THANK YOU for making a commitment to this guy… Obviously rescue isn't just about the animals you start out to save, but about helping those you come across unexpectedly. I love that you went there to rescue cats and came back with a horse. I've made a small donation -- I hope others will, too.
Animal Nation September 30, 2012 at 04:01 AM
Thank you so much KerriAnn! Indeed, rescue is about helping when you're able - no matter the species.
Erich Bruhn September 30, 2012 at 04:36 PM
Since the owner was convicted on five counts at a possible year in jail and a $1000 fine on each count, why not offer him a deal to pay for is horse's upkeep or face the other charges?
Nancy October 01, 2012 at 11:33 AM
Thanks to the man who had the audacity to come to this farm, pose as a caring young rescuer. B.s. right to the owners daughters face about how horrible the state is and they wouldn't care and come take the horses and kill them/Pete. It's the truth. But to bad you didn't have the guts to be honest about your intentions to her face, huh? That you had plans to walk away then write this and kick our 76 year old father inhis face like everyone else while he is down. Some kinda person u r. Pete just saw the doctor by the way. Did u ask us for his records? Doc said he is aged well over 20 years old horse people know full well how hard it us to keep weight on the elderly just like humans. I own a professional pet grooming business and willb tellin all my clients and groomers that animal nation aquires their animals in such a manner. Then turns around and slaps people in the face that helped get the animals to them. The farm will stand. He was not ordered to rid all his horses. You media guys should get your facts straight before continuing to ruin my father and our already struggling family (he supports a diabetic wife a San and family who lost their home and we found now another immediate family member has cancer. So you know nothin about this man and family except what you choose to eat what the media feeds you. Don't pretend to be a hero at the cost of humanity.
Animal Nation October 01, 2012 at 06:03 PM
The purpose of this piece was to highlight our plea for funds to support Pete's continuing care, not to to bring any more attention to the former owner. He is already under the media's scrutiny, that is not of our doing. Mr. Vittorio has NOT been convicted (yet) as erroneously written by Erich, the case still lingers in court. We do not know if the court ordered him to get rid of his horses, however this is what Mr. Vittorio stated to the rescuer. We do know (via public record) that Mr. Vittorio was told by the state to get veterinary attention for several of his horses. According to a 3/12 article in the Easton Courier, he stated that "He can't afford a veterinarian for his own horses and generally treats their medical conditions himself." Nancy, if you feel Mr. Vittorio is being treated unfairly, that is your prerogative. With all of his personal family issues you mentioned, perhaps it was high time to reduce the overwhelming number of horses on the property, and we were more than happy to help with one. Again, it was not our intention to add fuel to the fire, we did however need to give some background on Pete in order for people to understand how he came into our care.


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