MAP: Park & Ride Survey Shows There's Plenty of Room

Inventory of commuter lots in Southwestern Connecticut shows most are less than 50 percent full.

Park & Ride Lot 4 in Westport. Photo Credit: SWRPA
Park & Ride Lot 4 in Westport. Photo Credit: SWRPA
The Southwestern Regional Planning Agency (SWRPA) assessed the eight commuter Park & Ride lots in Fairfield County and issued a report Wednesday on available spaces and overall conditions of each.

Officials conducted a survey of all eight lots on a Tuesday in October and found 196 occupied spaces out of a total of 396 available, or just under 50 percent.

Lot size ranges from 12 spaces to 93.

Park & Ride lots in Norwalk, Stamford and Westport were “moderately utilized on the day of the inventory,” except for Lot 6  — Hendrix Ave. in Norwalk, off exit 16 of I-95 — which was over capacity at 103 percent.

Lot 7 in Westport — Sherwood Island Connector, off exit 18 of I-95 — and Lot 8 on Danbury Road in Wilton had the lowest occupancy.

The report also states that “most of the lots were in relatively good condition, with visible paint striping of spaces,” though it notes, “Some lots are in need of resurfacing and/or repainting of space striping.”

For more information on each lot, check out the interactive map above, provided by SWRPA.


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