Badda Bing, Badda Boom

The Wilton Playshop opens its season with the Italian American Reconciliation.

The Wilton Playshop opened its 72nd season last week with a bang: guns, gold chains, and loads of Italian stereotypes are injected into John Patrick Shanley's romantic comedy the Italian American Reconciliation, directed by Jeanine DeFalco

The play was written by the author of Moonstruck. DeFalco said she chose it because of the interesting characters and she "fell in love with the script."

Plenty of humor is packed into the romantic comedy, set in Little Italy in the late 1980s. It follows the emotional rollercoaster of four friends' dysfunctional relationships.  Huey Maximilian Bonfigliano struggles with the decision of regaining his manhood by taking back his first "crazy" wife Janice, or staying with his new lady friend Teresa.  He enlists the help of his lifelong buddy Aldo Scalicki, forever a bachelor, and the hilarity ensues.

Complete with hot tempers, balcony scenes and torrid romances, this play is sure to keep audiences amused from start to finish.  Michael Limone of Stamford plays Aldo Scalicki, Glenn Packman of Norwalk is Huey Maximilian Bonfigliano, Dana Dicerto of Norwalk plays Teresa, Jessie Gilbert of Weston is Aunt May and Nancy Anderson of Fairfield plays Janice.

The ensemble and crew was busy nailing down last minute sets, sewing costumes, and testing out lights and sound at last Wednesday's rehearsal.  Anderson, who plays is originally from New York and said she enjoys community theater because "it's a family affair."

She continued, "it's like camping, you can bring the whole family and have fun too."  Her son used to accompany her to rehearsals when he was younger.

Sets for the Italian American Reconciliation were built by Dave Cunningham and painted by local artist Gini Fischer. Gini's husband Mark also helps with building the intricate multi-functional sets.

Tammy Wingertzahn is a stay-at-home-mom from Wilton. She said her schedule allows her to pursue her hobby of costume design. Wingertzahn sews and designs the elaborate costumes the theater uses for all their performances.  She reused some costumes from the playshop's costume closet for this weekend's play and gets costumes from local thrift shops or makes them herself. 

Tickets for The Italian American Reconciliation are $20 for general admission and $15 for students and seniors. For ticket information contact the Wilton Playshop or call 203-762-7629. 

Showtimes are as follows: Friday and Saturday, May 7 and 8 at 8 p.m.  


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