Famous Folk Fleeing Twitter

Some celebrities are finding the social media site might be too much of a liability to their brands.


John Mayer's done it. So have actors Charlie Sheen and James Franco.

Alec Baldwin's done it twice, along with actress Lily Allen.

They've all quit their Twitter accounts after semi or full-on public gaffes, the New York Times reports. Some, like Baldwin and Franco, have returned, lured  back by millions of fans who follow them on the social media site.

Courtney Love has left Twitter several times, only to return again after each break up. Ashton Kutcher has distanced himself from his 11.5 million Twitter followers by hiring a public relations firm to handle his Twitter feed, this after angering fans when he tweeted his fury of Penn State's firing of football coach Joe Paterno.

The Times' sought out the expertise of Seth Meyers, a Los Angeles psychologist, who said Twitter is a boon and bane for celebrities. Their narcissism draws them to the website, but their managers and publicists seek to pull them away to avoid embarrasing or uninformed tweets.

Some celebrities, Meyers told the newspaper, “need constant feedback from others to keep up their grandiose image of themselves.”


Jlo July 20, 2012 at 04:30 AM
As they say...stupid people and stupid faces are often found in public places. Everyone needs constant feedback these days, thats why Facebook, twitter, etc are so popular.


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