Looking for a New Book? Maybe Pat at Darien Library Can Help

At new book display puts a name and a personality to each Readers' Advisor's hot pick of the month.


Book lovers have always turned to their local librarians for recommendations on what new classics they should read next, but many don't share their most-treausured gems and why they hold them in such high regard unless specifically asked. But at Darien Library, that has all changed.

Just about a month ago, the library started a new display highlighting the books that come highly recommended by its staff. And in front of each book is a card that tells you the name of the librarian who chose the book and a short quote about the types of books they usually go for.

For example, Stephanie, who wrote that she woud "read anything" but particularly loves traditional British lit, presidential biographies and Regency romances, chose David Foster Wallace's "The Pale King" as her pick for this month.

The employees that make these recommendations are called "readers' advisors" and residents could also call or visit them at the front desk to discover new books or get assistance with their own book clubs.


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