Q&A With Wilton Legend Dave Brubeck

The 89-year-old jazz legend and Wilton resident sits down for an interview with Connecticut Magazine.

Dave Brubeck may have recently unveiled the secret to his longevity and how he keeps up with the rigors of his touring schedule, even at 89: he just doesn't think about it.

Brubeck has been performing for 75 years so, perhaps in that time, touring and playing music has really become second nature. But it would be hard to imagine him ever taking it for granted, particularly when you see the passion with which he still plays and the joy that being honored at the Kennedy Center in December brought him.

Connecticut Magazine conducted an interview with the enduringly cool musician and one of the takeaway quotes is Brubeck on what keeps music fresh for him.

"I never get tired of playing anything, because you play it differently every time," he told the magazine. "That's why you call it jazz."

Read the full interview: Q&A: Dave Brubeck.


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