Wilton's Simulated Hurricane Drill Begins Monday, June 18

The following is a press release sent by Wilton Town Hall.

The Town of Wilton is planning to conduct a week long town-wide hurricane preparedness drill starting on June 18th a culminating with a simulated hurricane passing near Wilton on June 22nd.  

“During this drill, all facets of town emergency operations and preparedness will tested and/or reviewed” according to Wilton Fire Chief and Emergency Management Director Paul Milositz.  “We will be testing our ability to ramp up our emergency operations and preparedness posture leading up to a major hurricane” Milositz said. 

Plans for the hurricane event include testing of  the town’s emergency notification system, sending a town-wide telephone alerting message warning to residents to prepare for the upcoming storm, establishing alternate communications methods with the State Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security regional and State emergency operations centers, communicating and disseminating official emergency information to town residents utilizing the town websites, social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, postings at public locations throughout the town and testing the emergency call back  for town employees. 

“It is important for the residents to note they will begin seeing exercise messages posted on the town websites and social media pages beginning Monday, June 18th” the Chief said.  “All drill messages will plainly state this is exercise only”  


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