AT&T Workers on Strike in Connecticut

Thousands are protesting potential changes to pensions, sick leave and other benefits.


Thousands of unionized AT&T workers in Connecticut — and more in several other states — launched a two-day strike as they negotiate a new contract. 

AT&T has demanded major concessions from workers in the Communications Workers of America union on health care, job security, scheduling, sick leave, disability, and pensions according to a press released issued by the Communications Workers of America (CWA) union. Members have been working under an expired contract since April.

On the CWA website, the union writes, that retirements “are on the bargaining table.” 

“AT&T’s corporate reports show that top executives have millions in benefits coming when they retire. How big a benefit will you get from the pension plan? Do you know how much is saved in your 401k?”

A spokesperson told a that the company is “negotiating in good faith.”

According to the latest quarterly report from AT&T, the company remains highly profitable with $3.9 billion netted, an increase from $3.59 billion a year ago.

However, Tech News World reports that competition from Verizon in the wireless business is fierce. 

Analisa Harangoze contributed to this report. 

Concerned Parent August 08, 2012 at 03:34 PM
I doubt very much they will be missed by ATT customers...After all it takes about a week to get any problem fixed anyway...


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