Inaugural Wilton Restaurant Week Kicks off March 11

The Chamber of Commerce expects as many as 30 restaurants will participate.

Foodies and casual diners alike should gear up to dine out in Wilton or Georgetown in a few weeks.

The inaugural Wilton Restaurant Week kicks off March 11 and will last through through March 16. Those restaurants that choose to participate will offer reduced prices and specials during the week-long event.

Janeen Leppert, executive director of the Wilton Chamber of Commerce, the event’s sponsor, said the chamber expects up to 30 restaurants to participate.

“All restaurants in Wilton and Georgetown are invited to participate,” she said. “We’ve already sought out 15 to 20 restaurants. If a restaurant wants to participate, they should get hold of our office.”

So far, Leppert said, 15 restaurants have signed up, including Cactus Rose, Green Leaf Bakery and Bianco Rosso in Wilton and Rancho Alegre and Luca Wine Bar in Georgetown.

Participating restaurants include Southwestern, Italian, Chinese, French, Mexican and American cuisines.

The week “provides people with the opportunity to explore new tastes or revisit their old favorites,” Leppert said. “Most restaurants are excited about the new event. It’s a good way to promote business and attract new customers.”

Leppert said some restaurants will be offering prix fixe menus, while others will offer special promotions on specific dishes.

“It’s up to the business owners,” she said. “The ball is in their court.” 

Lorna February 19, 2013 at 03:14 PM
It would be fantastic if some of these participating restaurants can either invite free of charge or deliver food, such as excess batches that might get tossed otherwise, to people in need. Perhaps the Wilton Chamber of Commerce can team up with Wilton Social Services to make this happen. The good will created could far exceed the costs. The recipients would, no doubt, tell friends and family about this generosity, planting the seeds for future full-paying patronage. Also the restaurants' staffs would have additional appreciation of their employers' kindness.
Cut Trackside out February 20, 2013 at 07:50 PM
Although Trackside Teen Center’s principal goal is to serve Wilton’s teenagers, private rentals were the primary driver If the main use of the center is for rentals, why are we taxpayers paying anything towards Trackside? Cut them out of the town budget!


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