Mrs. Green, Meet the Fresh New Mrs. Green's in Wilton

Claire Sears-Tam travels from Greenwich to her job at the new Mrs. Green's in Wilton. Credit: Leslie Yager
Claire Sears-Tam travels from Greenwich to her job at the new Mrs. Green's in Wilton. Credit: Leslie Yager
Mrs. Green's has been around for 23 years, and many of us in the Wilton and Norwalk area are familiar with the 950 High Ridge Rd. location just down the Merritt in Stamford.

The spanking new Mrs. Green's in Wilton also boasts a unique selection of healthy food, a dine-in area and prepared food options. But that's where comparison stops.

Stamford customers won't recognize Mrs. Green's when they step inside the new Wilton store in Gateway Center. Not only is the store vast, with its multi-story ceilings and wide aisles, but its chalk-and-slate theme promises local, in-season selections that change daily.

Mrs. Green's digital media manager, Jack Reeves described the Wilton location as "our template, our refreshed model store." 

Its sheer size accommodates a tremendous array of choices ranging from organic pet food to gluten-free pancake mix.

According to Reeves a customer can just ask any associate if they'd like to try a product. "Last week we had a lot of customers asking to try the Delicious Monster, or deliciosa monstera, which is a fruit native to Mexico and Central America."    

"The produce is all organic," said Reeves. "There is no need to double-check or ask." Reeves explained that customers accustomed to multiple trips to specialty stores for organic, gluten-free or kosher items, it's possible to accomplish multiple errands in one visit to Mrs. Green's.

There is even an aisle with options for dry and canned organic pet food, as well as three "Natural Living" aisles with a curated selection of items ranging from supplements  from supplements to beauty products.   

The store's dine-in area, which features free Wi-Fi, will also serve as a multi-purpose space where, for example, the store's nutritionist will host lunch-and-learn sessions. According to Reeves, the abundant tables have begun to attract office workers at lunchtime.   

"We are a welcoming, neighborly place where moms can come with their kids or relax after dropping them at school. People can stay as long as they like," said Reeves.

There is even a Kids Corner where, for a quarter in the piggy bank, your wee one can help herself to a dixie cup of baby carrots or apple slices. This Tuesday, a quarter bought a juicy plum. And, just for the asking, every kid receives a free, warm cookie during their visit.

Just inside the main entrance is the coffee bar, plus organic fruit and vegetable juice and smoothies counter. Just beyond the beverages is the bakery, where, according to baker Mary Maher, staff are constantly sampling goodies for customers.

Press further and customers may be overwhelmed by the array of hot prepared dishes, flanked by a row of chilled to-go meals and sandwiches. 

All the carts have a purpose-built cup holder, which is handy if the first stop results in a coffee, juice or smoothie. Fast forward to the checkout area where a computer kiosk invites customer feedback and a $50.00 purchase results in a free recyclable bag. The last decision is whether to have your receipt emailed to you or printed on paper. 

At least for the first visit, a new customer might want to budget some extra time just to absorb the concept, ask questions, and try some samples. 

Mrs. Green's Natural Market is located at 14 Danbury Rd. in Gateway Center in Wilton. Open Monday through Sunday, from 6:00am - 10:00pm. Tel. 203-423-2233.  Find Mrs. Green's on Facebook.
Thomas Paine September 18, 2013 at 09:46 AM
I was in the store last week and what a refreshing change relative to their original Stamford location. They should give Whole Foods some good competition. The fresh produce/veg section seemed a little bare but there were three management types working in that section so I am sure they will address it. The upgrade to the Stamford location is also welcome, though I wonder whether the old location can look as good as the new?
Leslie Yager (Editor) September 18, 2013 at 10:05 AM
I was wondering the same, Thomas. The Stamford location is just a fraction of the size of Wilton and doesn't have a big parking lot... but it is super convenient.
Thomas Paine September 18, 2013 at 12:15 PM
Drove by Stamford location today and the parking lot has been repaved so business must be good for Mrs. Greens and that site's landlord.
NCFamily September 19, 2013 at 08:59 AM
Mrs. Green's Natural Market will also open a new store in New Canaan at their Post Office location. The post office's lease expires on January 31, 2014 after being at that location for over 50 years. Mrs. Green's Market signed a 20-year lease at that site. A new location for the post office has yet to be determined as of today.
Tim September 19, 2013 at 09:19 AM
Seems that they are pulling the wool over our eyes, using words like <<"keeping things fresh. organic produce, locally sourced "day old" don't exist in our vocabulary.">> and Jack Reeves saying: "The produce is all organic," Then why important Great Wall of China GARLIC from Peopele's Republic of China, when Californian Garlic is fresher, tastier, and grown IN the USA, and not fed awful pesticides and fertizlizers? Great Wall of China Garlic isn't ORGANIC and doesnt belong on Mrs Greens shelves! BE HONEST!
A former employee November 24, 2013 at 09:57 PM
I used to work there...not everything is organic, they won't stock anything new and the managers are sucky. They treat their employees like slaves and fire them, stating no reason at all.


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