Update: On Schedule? Metro-North Says New Haven Line Service Is Back on Track

There are only 4 buses providing shuttle service between South and East Norwalk because the Walk Bridge is stuck in the open position and Gov. Dannel Malloy is calling for a crisis summit with railroad management.

Updated: 8:30 p.m., June 6
Metro-North now says New Haven Line Service is now operating on or close to schedule.

Let us know if that's the case. We'd love to hear from you. Do you wish there was an alternative to Metro-North or will you keep on keepin' on with the problems? Let us know in the comments section.

Updated: 6:44 p.m., June 6:
Metro-North says that the Walk Bridge has been closed and that two of the four tracks through the South and East Norwalk area has been restored.
According to a report on WCBS Radio 880, trains are traveling at reduced speeds through the area — 15 mph.

However, customers should anticipate delays and crowded conditions due to significant congestion in the vicinity of South Norwalk.  A Metro-North spokesman said there are thousands of commuters backlogged at the stations.

Also, Amtrak service has been restored and is operating at the same Metro-North limitations. 

Because of the train problems, the normal weekend highway traffic on the I-95 corridor has been impacted as well. Backups on I-95 are reportedly stretching from Westchester Country north through Bridgeport and the Merritt Parkway isn't much better.

Patience is the golden rule of the night.

Updated: 5:38 p.m., June 6:
As commuters deal with long lines and delays on the New Haven Line, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy called for a crisis summit to be held in the coming days with the State of Connecticut, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Metro-North to address the recent incidents that caused the failure of the New Haven Line’s “WALK Bridge” in Norwalk.  

“This is now the second major failure in two weeks, leaving thousands of passengers stranded and causing unacceptable delays. Let me be clear, this is outrageous. In speaking with MTA and Metro-North, my administration has stressed that every procedure, protocol and engineering solution must get the immediate attention of the most qualified team of experts. It is of the upmost importance that these operating, maintenance, alternative service and customer protocols be completely critiqued and that near term solutions be found to ensure reliable service for Connecticut commuters."

The 118-year-old bridge failed to close at mid-afternoon Friday, prompting the suspension of rail service between East and South Norwalk — throwing the weekend rush hour commute into chaos. As of 5:30 p.m., only four shuttle buses have been brought in to drive passengers between stations. There's limited service from Stamford to Norwalk. 

In his statement, Malloy also said, "It should be noted that these most recent failures punctuate the absolute necessity for replacing this 118 year old bridge - a central link to the entire Northeast Corridor.  We simply cannot afford peak service disruptions like this, which is why we have requested and are aggressively pursuing federal Resiliency funding for this exact purpose.”

Details of the meeting will be announced in the very near future.

In April, Malloy announced that the State of Connecticut applied for $600 million in federal transportation funding to help cover the capital costs of three resiliency, or “hardening”, projects central to Connecticut’s commuter rail infrastructure along the New Haven Line. Specifically, the state requested $349 million in federal funding to cover 75 percent of the cost of the WALK Bridge Replacement Project. Built in 1896, the WALK Bridge will be replaced it with a more resilient “bascule” bridge (which would open for marine traffic from one side with a counterweight system) will significantly enhance the safety and reliability of commuter and intercity passenger service along the Northeast corridor."

Updated: 5:13 p.m., June 6:
Expect a very long ride home on the New Haven Line.

Metro-North now says, "A very limited shuttle bus service has been set up with only 4 buses operating between South Norwalk and East Norwalk; additional buses have been requested."

Updated: 4:55 p.m. June 6:

Metro-North says "we are currently unable to provide train service on the New Haven Line between South Norwalk and East Norwalk because of a mechanical problem on the Walk Bridge near South Norwalk. Repair crews are at the scene working to correct the problem.
Service is as follows:

Outbound: Train service is being provided between Grand Central and Stamford with limited train service to South Norwalk only.
Inbound: Train service is being provided between New Haven and East Norwalk.

We are working to arrange for Shuttle Bus Service between South Norwalk and East Norwalk where customers can then connect to trains to New Haven.

Customers should expect delays and crowded conditions. Please listen for announcements at your station. We will provide further updates as they become available.

Original story: 3:25 p.m. June 6:

It's not going to be a TGIF afternoon if you're riding Metro-North's New Haven Line past South Norwalk.

For the second time in a week, the Walk Bridge in South Norwalk is stuck open. And rail officials say they are working on alternate transportation as the rush hour approaches.

Here's the railroad's statement at 3:15 p.m.  Friday:

New Haven Line Customers please be advised that we are unable to provide service in either direction at South Norwalk.

Mechanics are unable to close the Walk Bridge near South Norwalk and repair crews are on site working to resolve this issue. We anticipate that this repair may take several hours and we are working on alternate means of transportation. We will provide further updates as they become available. Please see listen to announcements at your station.

It was overnight testing that stalled the bridge on May 29, causing major disruption of both Metro-North and Amtrak service. It took several hours before crews were able to lock the bridge back into position.


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