Oh No, I Forgot! Last Minute Gift Shopping

Here are some sure-shot gifts for you last minute shoppers.

No matter how much planning we do to make the holidays go smoothly, it's inevitable that something will fall by the wayside. If it's a present you've forgotten, there are no shortage of options in town.

Stop by Holiday Marketplace for a Christmas ornament to suit any décor, hobby or taste. From sports to animals to traditional holiday designs, they will provide a gift to bring a smile to a friend's face.

Shop owner Karen Steinhaus noted that many people have stopped in to pick up a glass ball or wooden sled design for an ornament exchange and called the selection in her shop, "like eye candy."

She suggested designs from Polish artist Christina's World, an artist who works in mouth-blown glass on subjects ranging from animals to flowers and Art Nouveau motifs. The ornaments cost a modest $12-20.

For the fashionable woman on your list you won't go wrong at boutique B Chic. Erica Malhotra suggested picking up lacy underthings from Hanky Panky.

"They are one size fits all and come in different rises and colors. Everyone loves them" she noted.

Another can't-go-wrong gift at the boutique are ballet flats from Fashionista Flats. They come in black and silver and sizing is a breeze: small, medium or large. The $18 shoes are meant to be worn a handful of times and discarded.

"They fold up and come in a small sack. You stick them in your purse and put them on after a long day - or night - in your heels. They feel great!" said Malhotra.

The Old Ridgefield Road shop also stocks lots of inexpensive jewelry from $18-30 and a large range of tank tops in a rainbow of shades. Younger women love camisoles by Sugar Lips while experienced fashionistas prefer the longer, seamless, sweat-resistant tank tops from Snug, which Malhotra said are about to be featured on Oprah as a great gift for the holidays.

"If you know what color she likes, you just can't go wrong with these. People come in just for them," said Malhotra.

If it's a man on your last-minute shopping list, head over to Wilton Sport Shop and talk to Jack Weber. He can print custom items from t-shirts to hooded sweatshirts and jackets with names and logos as well as the insignias for all the Wilton sports teams, a great gift for an out-of-town guy to take home with him. A custom printed t-shirt will set you back only $20.

Bonnie McCarthy manages The Toy Chest and recommended lots of stocking stuffers and small gifts for the smaller people on your list. Pokemon and other collectable cards are still a hit with the young set but the most popular items, by far, are tiny novelty Japanese erasers. Students go crazy for them, coming in each day after school and pawing through the bins looking for perfect, tiny, cartoonish soda pops or hot dogs, motorbikes or flowerpots, all crafted in rubber. 

Do they use the small erasers or just collect them?

"They do both," said McCarthy, "but either way, they just love them."


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