Classy Clean Out Consultant

"Let me help systematize your moving process"

* Gearing up to sell your home?
* Retiring from a family house full of stuff?  10 , 20 , 30 years worth?
* Dreading the enormity of it all?
* Don't know how to efficiently sort through ALL of your STUFF!?

Wondering how you are going to get rid of that old swing set in the yard without paying an expensive moving company to haul it away? How about that pool table in the basement? It weighs a TON! How do you safely sell it or ....... have it hauled away without paying an expensive moving fee?

Let me help orchestrate the many stages of a big move. Sorting, tossing, organizing, donating, selling. Covered.

Young longtime former Wilton resident with extensive moving management experience.

Please call for rates and details.



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