Looking at the news these days, it seems many people are in need of medical care but are either still uninsured or have deductibles so high that healthcare is just not financially feasible.  In fact, the uninsured often pay the highest prices for their care, and the number of uninsured Connecticut residents is high. 


Consider these statistics from the US Census Bureau:

·         Connecticut’s uninsured are 10 times less likely to get care for an injury or illness and seven times less likely to get care for a medical emergency than residents with insurance.

·         62% of all bankruptcies are due to high medical bills, and that proportion is rising.

·         The uninsured receive fewer medical services and are 25% more likely to die prematurely.

·         It is expected that health insurance premiums will rise 6.5% next year.


While the prognosis is not ideal, Fairfield county residents in need of affordable, quality medical care have a new option.  Rather than turn a blind eye to the problem at hand, Dr. Igal Staw has decided to give back to the community he’s practiced internal medicine in for the last four decades. Just in time for the holidays, Dr. Staw will be providing the uninsured or under-insured patients with quality medical services at markedly reduced rates.  For example, an initial office visit will not exceed $75 and is scalable in cases of financial hardship. The office will also offer blood testing at deeply discounted rates as well as X-rays, MRI’s, and cardiac stress testing/monitoring at appreciable discounts.

There’s no greater gift than the one of health, and this year- Fairfield county residents who have gone without can finally get the care they need at a price they can afford. 

Igal Staw, M.D. is board certified in internal medicine and pulmonology.   His practice, Respiratory Associates P.C., focuses on Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Medicine, with an emphasis on prevention, lifestyle changes, and reduction of the risks that predispose you to the development of disease. 

To book an appointment, please call:

Sandy at 203-853-1919


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