5 Must-Have Kids' Music CD's That Won't Make Parents Barf

Or aptly titled, “Hey, I just fed you. That outfit looks crazy. But here's good music. So play it, maybe?”

It’s finally happening.  I think.  No.  It is happening.  When I went Back-to-School shopping with my daughter Eve to Kohl’s we *both* picked out a pair of black ankle boots for her (read: no arguing, tears, or journaling about how frustrated we were with one another).  The boots are not only fashionable, but dare I say they’re --trendy.

Note to self:  Deep breaths.  I do hope it doesn’t end there with clothes.  If I could detox her and her friends out of the kind of music they listen to I’d open up a clinic here in my home office (read: small kitchen table).  Oh that music.   For the love of God the music she likes and listens to. “Mommy, on a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being the best, how much did you like it”?  Once I gave a negative number.  She cried.  But she resumed her compulsive bad music listening habit nonetheless.

First I had to stomach Ke$ha who, from the looks of her videos, I’m fairly certain reeked of B.O.  Then came Katy Perry kissing girls and going “Boom! Boom! Boom!” all over the place with her bosomy pyrotechnics.  And now this “Call Me Maybe” song with its Valley-Girl cum tee-hee hair flipping lyrics – even the President of the United States got mashed-up in it.

But then quite unexpectedly, it happened again.  Just the other evening she brought to me the “NO!” CD by the group “They Might Be Giants” and wanted me to listen to it with her (Scroll Down for FREE MP3 Samples).  I got it for her when she was just 3 years old, hoping she’d absorb their musical genius through osmosis, or at the very least, be able to decipher garbage from what I considered to be quality music.

Alternative rock legends "They Might Be Giants" made a lasting mark on the world of children’s music, crafting an exciting fusion of rock, education and humor that appeals to children and parents alike. The 2002 release of their first family album, “NO!”, set in motion what would prove to be a hugely successful stint in the world of kid’s entertainment.

All that aside, she told me to stick-it and put on Barney.

Fast forward – 6 years later and enough Selena Gomez to force the drunks out of the Park adjacent to Waverly Place better than Giuliani during his hey-day, and she pops the question I’ve been waiting to hear my entire parenting life:  “Mom, want to hear these cool songs on this CD Nanny gave me.”

Whaaaa????  Nanny?  My mother?  Puh-leese.  Her idea of sneakers kids’ are wearing “today” is a pair of orthopedic looking all-whites with the laces that keep coming undone (read: of course I’ve hidden them from sight in the back of her closet).  Get your facts straight kid.  I discovered this alternative Indy rock band back when I was a young adult.

But who cared?   The girl was telling me she LIKED an alternative rock band and wanted to listen to it. Together.  With me.  So, I’m riding the wave and have put together 5 Must-Have Kids' Music CD's that won’t drive parents crazy (maybe?).

I would love to hear other parents' comments/suggestions so feel free to add on to the list below.

5 Must-Have Kids' Music CD's That Won't Make Parents Barf

  1. “No!” They Might Be Giants (10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
  2. “You Are My Little Bird” Elizabeth Mitchell (voted Best Children's Album of 2006)
  3. “All About Bullies … Big and Small” (won Best Children's Album 2012 Grammy Award)
  4. “Wonderstuff” Recess Monkeys
  5. “Calling All Kids” Candy Band

Cynthia Dartley is Publisher/Editor of Macaroni Kid, a FREE weekly newsletter featuring recipes/crafts, events and activities for kids and their families.  Follow her on Face BookTwitter and Pinterest.

Free samples of TMBG “NO!”
"Robot Parade (bonus live version)" MP3 here
"Clap Your Hands (bonus live version) MP3 here

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