Answers to Olympic Trivia (Part II)

Here are your answers to the Patch Olympics quiz No. 2.


1. The author of the seminal book on baby and child care was also a gold medalist. Whom are we referring to?

Answer: Dr. Benjamin Spock. He won the gold for rowing in 1924.


2. How long is the route for the marathon event in the 2012 Olympics?

Answer: 26.3 miles


3. Who lit the torch to start the Games in Atlanta?

Answer: Muhammad Ali


4. What is the name of the mascot of the 2012 Games?

Answer: Wenlock


Looking for a way to celebrate the Olympics locally? You can find local events for Olympic Fun Day on July 28 on the Let’s Move website, which has a page about how to set up your own local Olympics

Also check out our Directory and Events Calendar for listings of places where you can learn and participate in Olympic sports ranging from basketball to karate, gymnastics, swimming and more.

Jlo July 22, 2012 at 10:42 PM
The marathon is actually 26.2 miles.


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