Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installed at Wilton Library

The new charging station at the Wilton Library is reportedly the first one for public use available in town.

An electric vehicle charging station has reportedly been installed at the as part of a research study program with Connecticut Light & Power.

According to a report in The Hour of Norwalk the new charging station is of one of dozens CL&P has installed in towns across the state, including Westport, and West Hartford. The trial program's goal is to measure the demand for the charging stations, as well as their viability.

“We are working with municipalities and businesses across the state,” CL&P Spokesman Mitch Gross told The Hour. “It is a major research project to find out if there is a market for a network of these charging stations.”

CL&P will use the research to determine whether it should build a network charging stations similar to gas stations, as sales of electric vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt increase over time.

The charging station at the Wilton Library is reportedly the first public facility in the town.

The charging stations are being rolled out gradually by CL&P and parent company Northeast Utilities as part of a two-year research project to perfect the experience drivers have when using the plug-in stations.

Last summer under the same pilot program. Other towns participating include Torrington and Mansfield.

Initially the charging stations will be free to all users. However, eventually they will be switched over to a payment system, possibly using a smartphone application, with rates averaging around $3.00 for every two hours of charging.

Questions remain, however, as to how many electric vehicles will sell in the area over the next few years, and how much the charging stations will actually be used. There also remain questions as to who is ultimately financially responsible for building the infrastructure needed to prepare for the arrival of electric vehicles.

To see a full list of charging station locations in Connecticut, click here.


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