Five Places to Go For Pumpkins In and Around Town

We all like pumpkins for fall. Here's where to get them (and beware of low pumpkin numbers due to blight!).

Program Manager Kevin Meehan said that pumpkin patches have been affected by a pumpkin blight this year. Get yours while they last!

  • Young’s Nursery 211 Danbury Road in Wilton. While there how about picking up some mums too?
  • Stop & Shop 5 River Road in Wilton. Get your pumpkin while checking off those items on your grocery list. Done and done!
  • The Village Market 108 Old Ridgefield Road in Wilton. Don’t feel like cooking tonight? Surprise the family on your way home with pre-made cuisine that you don’t have to slave over and a pumpkin. The time it would have taken you to make dinner you can now spend with the kids painting the pumpkin.

However, If going to a pumpkin patch is more your style, these two farms have been popular fall sites for years:

  • Silverman’s Farm 451 Sport Hill Road in Easton. Guess the weight of your pumpkin and it’s yours for free.
  • Warrup’s Farm 11 John Read Road in Redding. It’s not autumn until you take a hay ride. Get out there and enjoy this colorful season!


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