Highfield Road House Sold for $1.3 Mill in Wilton

Wilton property transfers for June 1 - June 7, 2012, as obtained from Wilton Town Hall.

99 Highfield Road: Margaret Iskyan sold property to Carol McMorrs for $1,300,000.

24 Spruce Drive: Joan Overton sold property to Andrew and Megan Garcia for $775,00 

51 Old Kings Highway: James Kay sold property to Jonathan and Melly Bonita for $595,000. 

31 Wilridge Road: Dermot and Susan Meuchner sold property to Jessica Cedergren and Adam Labonte for $315,000. 

35 Berch Court: Harold and Stephanie Barnard sold property to Sean Middleton and Lisa Pellegrino for $747,000.

6 Brookside Place: KTF Design LLC sold property to Todd Klyver for $465,000. 


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