House on Surrey Glen Sold for $1Mill

Wilton property transfers for June 8 - June 14, as obtained from Wilton Town Hall.

21 Tall Oaks Road: Diane and Jeffery Standish sold property to James and Lauren Pinchbeck for $875,000.

208 Thunder Lake Road: Francis and Meeghan Rizzo sold property to Patricia and Peter Costanzo for $825,000.

18 Surrey Glen: Kimberly and Robert Horner sold property to Kendra and Timothy Drozo for $1,085,000.

32 Juniper Place: Mark and Michelle Brubaker, by attorney, sold property to Ashlin Quirk for $786,000.

52 Wilton Crest: Bank of America sold property to Mangtao Du and Fang Wang for $305,000.

15 Tito Lane: Chapman Ivor, by executive, sold property to Jeffrey Paseltiner for $602,000.  The same buyer and seller exchanged land property at the same location for $18,000.

90 Thunder Lake Road: Roy and Susan Margid sold property to David and Marianne Wallace for $790,000.

7 Glen Ridge Road: Cynthia Ely sold property to Jeanne Petrone for $365,000.

5 Robin Lane: Diane and Thomas Caracciolo sold property to Isobel and Stewart Erenhaus for $920,000. 


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