Irene Bears Down, New Metro-North Train Cars, Shelton Man Tased After Calling Cops

Today's headlines for Thursday, August 25, 2011.

Here Comes Irene

The big news today is the ominous storm Hurricane Irene, which is the East Coast. Towns in Fairfield County, such as are already preparing for the worst. To prepare, check out for a host of information on hurricanes, including category scales, emergency plans and some vintage footage of 1930s hurricanes.

New Metro-North Train Cars

A fleet of 25 M-8 cars will be added to the .  The 25 cars will operate singly and – not having traction motors – will not be self-propelled. All of the railroad’s other electric, “multi-unit” cars, including the M-8 cars previously ordered, work as married pairs or triplets, and have traction motors. They cannot be split apart to operate individually. The 25 cars will cost about $3.325 million each, totaling about $93 million total.

Tased and Confused

A Shelton man illegally parked in a handicapped spot and called the police to hey were doing with enforcing parking laws. When the police showed up, the suspect continued to be defiant by aggressively shouting at the officers. The cops tried to calm the man down, but he kept on being unruly, and ultimately police tasered and arrested the individual. He appears quite upset in his .  

Garbage Museum gets Scrapped

The Stratford due to lack of funds. The museum has been struggling for months to raise enough money to keep its doors open, but ultimately, the funds were deficient. the town of Stratford, which donated $20,000, and Bridgeport, which pledged nearly $45,000.


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