Police: No Crime Committed in Twitter Feed

Wilton police say they have found no evidence of a criminal offense from last week's local Twitter scandal.

Wilton police have found no indication that any kind of crime had been committed in a series of offensive Twitter postings by an anonymous person suspected to be a student which had caused .

Captain John Lynch of the Wilton Police Department said that there was “no crime committed” and that the posts, which contained racial and anti-Semitic remarks, created more community concern than anything else.

“As a police department, it concern us,” said Lynch, likely referencing the offending Twitter account, WiltonLife, which had posted a few remarks suggesting that the Wilton Police Department held a racial bias for persecuting people of color. The tweets also had police “concerned about the community,” said Lynch.

The Twitter messages, which have been , were thrown into the spotlight after Superintendent of Schools Gary Richards addressed the feed at a Board of Education meeting on June 14. Since then, the issue has sparked conversation about possible underlying racism and anti-Semitism in Wilton and parts Fairfield County—particularly Dairen—as well the issues of cyber-bullying, tolerance,  .

Conversely, the tweets also gave rise to a feeling of togetherness as evidenced by a local Rabbi who experienced a surge of support from community members in response to the seemingly anti-Semitic remarks which grasped the attention of local news networks, including television coverage by News 12

The Twitter feed has been deleted as of last Monday night. Police did not know if it was removed by the user or Twitter.


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