Readers' Choice Winner: TaxProMan

This 'tax man' made a clean sweep in the polls.

We had one tax preparer in Wilton who took the lion's share of the poll for this week’s :

Not only did this business, which is located in Wilton and Fairfield garner 97 percent of the poll votes, but it also generated some comments from loyal TaxManPro fans on his :

"I’ve utilized TaxProMan for the past 3 tax seasons, and I can’t say enough good things about his level of commitment and business acumen to his work. He goes above and beyond just helping you with your taxes, he takes a financial consultative approach, which is rare in the business. I would recommend his work to anyone."


"Taxproman is the best that I have found! he went back for me on my last 3 years of my tax returns from the other accountants that i have used be for and found allot of mistakes and saved me at least $16000 dollars! Keep up the great work!"


Victor Tenore is a tax genius. I made the mistake one year of using an accountant who specializes in my field. Victor not only secured much larger returns in 2011- he refiled my 2010 and I immediately received a large refund from the Fed and State. He's incredibly knowledgeable, organized and offers full service to all his clients. He follows the rules but is creative and resourceful at the same time. His relationships with the IRS are second to none. I consult Victor on all my financial needs. He is a trusted and invaluable resource to my family.

Congratulations to TaxManPro for winning this week's Wilton's Readers' Choice!

Here’s a peek at some Readers’ Choice winners in the "Go-To Place for Last-Minute Tax Preparation" category from our surrounding towns:

Next week’s contest will focus on Sporting Goods Stores. See you then!


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