Robert Crook, Head of the Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen, Defends Ammo, Assault Weapons

Crook in recent days has said the media has overused the term “assault weapon” and that efforts to limit high capacity gun magazines is “asinine.”


While calls for greater gun control in the wake of the Newtown shootings continue, Robert Crook, who heads the Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen, is emerging as a central figure in the statewide debate.

Crook in the past week has decried a proposal to tax certain kinds of ammunition, calling the idea “asinine.” He also has said the term “assault weapon” is partly a “media invention,” and has expressed confidence that a proposal to ban or limit high capacity gun magazines, which can hold dozens of rounds of ammunition in a single clip, will fail once the state’s attention on Newtown begins to quiet.

"We killed it once," the Hartford Courant quotes Crook saying about such a ban, "and I would suspect, once things quiet down a little bit, we'll probably do it again."

When state Sen. Beth Bye, D-West Hartford, who knows the parents of one of the 20 children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School, proposed the idea of a tax on high capacity rounds Crook publicly took the suggestion to task.

"We should be looking for solutions to the problems, not these asinine ideas," the Connecticut Mirror quotes Crook about Bye’s idea. "I don't think ammunition is a health hazard. We use it in hunting. We use it in target shooting. I don't know how you can call it a health hazard, unless it's used in something like this Newtown shooting."

Homeowners should have access to semi-automatic weapons, Crook said in this New Haven Register report, to safeguard against home invasions that involve more than one assailant.

“You want to have as much ammunition as possible,” Crook said.

bart December 21, 2012 at 05:04 PM
Guns are the subject. Guns are made for one thing to shoot. It's the shooter who picks his targets. With that said how much gunpower should one use, well that comes down to your objective is. To hunt one shot is enought or you ruin your kill.Well what if your a bad shot do you then convert to a automatic weapon and shoot the game on the run ludicous. Well I need to protect my person a handgun will be more then surfice. But people have a drive to have the biggest bad ass gun they can get FOR WHAT.No enemy coming over the hill here why do we even sell assult rifles to the public, Why because they can and make a profit, What is this unregistered Army of assult rifles owners have in mind.There is simply no need for a machine gun at home NONE unless your one bad ass neighbor that everyone is after including lawenforcement one bad ombry.A handgun has a limit a assult rifle limit is it,s powder mix and cartridge capacity that's not target shooting my friends.I think just the discussion of do you need machine guns in a home is out in space FOR WHAT,FOR WHAT FOR What IF you nust get a dog you can call off a dog not a bullet.


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