Ten Houses Sold in Wilton Last Week

Wilton property transfers for the week of May 25 - May 31, 2012, as obtained from Wilton Town Hall.

82 Glen Hill Road: Carolyn and Robert Verna sold property to James Mellin for $490,000.

20 Ground Pine Road: Giovannia Cugno sold property to Christopher and Laura Hemschot for $1,635,000.

33 Stirrup Place: Karen Cambell sold property to Christin and James Christl for $850,000.

12 Butternut Place: Andrew and Megan Garcia sold property to Jennifer and John Ciannella for $615,000.

157 Deforest Road: Christopher and Thelma Dimattio sold property to Elizabeth and Jinesh Shah for $637,500.

14 Spicewood Lane: Dirk and Leslie Raemonck sold property to Christian and Edith Laurie for $880,000.

14 Blue Ridge Lane: Penelope Austin, by executive, sold property to Mary Cavataro and Laura Labosky for $450,000.

39 Charter Oak Drive: Grace Webber, by executive, sold property to Danielle and Sean Dooner for $579,000.

51 Dirksen Drive: Richard Petrocelli, by executive, sold property to Laura and Roberto James Curcio and Richard Petrocelli, by executive, for 605,000.  

95 Cherry Lane: Ann and Gerald Palmer sold property to Lisa Jones for $300,000. 

Amo Probus June 04, 2012 at 10:16 AM
Wilton's property taxes doubled since 2000....where are they headed now? That is even WORSE than the tax rate increases in Wisconsin which has become the poster child for tax excesses. Now however, under Walker, their property taxes DECREASED for the first time in 12 years....ever see a Wilton tax decrease? see the chart in the attached link and ponder the housing sales possibilities if our taxes were properly managed! http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/wisconsins-property-taxes-drop-first-time-12-years_637099.html


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