Nod Hill Soap: A Scented Sliver of a Shop in Wilton Center

Nod Hill Soap, owned by Catherine Romer, is located in Wilton Center. With a discernable influence of years lived on Nantucket, Romer makes the soaps right in the shop.

Catherine Romer in her shop Nod Hill Soap in Wilton Center. Credit: Leslie Yager
Catherine Romer in her shop Nod Hill Soap in Wilton Center. Credit: Leslie Yager
It's all too easy to miss Nod Hill Soap at 81 Old Ridgefield Rd. But it's worth seeking out.

Though the diminutive storefront blends into the side of the white clapboard building it is housed inside, you'll spot it opposite the side exit of CVS. 

Hiding in plain sight, the handmade soap, bath and body specialty store is owned by Catherine Romer. She also makes all the soap.

Romer's is an interesting story that many empty-nest moms might identify with. Recalling that as her children grew older, her idea of being a mom evolved. 

"I was driving my husband nuts," Romer said, adding that when her husband Ed looks for something to occupy himself, he goes and makes something.

"Finally, he said, 'Why don't you go make something too. Like soap.' It was as simple as that," Romer said, mentioning that her husband crafts all the wooden soap molds in her store. 

The shop is petite and is divided into a soap-making work room and a store display area, which is as enticing as a candy shop, but without the calories.

Beyond its utility, the upside of a beautiful handmade bar of scented soap, bath salts, a small jar of lotion or drawer sachet, is that they don't last forever. 

For the person who "has it all," soap makes the perfect gift.

"Our products are ideal teacher gifts," said Romer. With price points well under $10.00, the soaps, sachets and lip butter sticks are all about the thought that counts. 

Some customers like to select a gift assortment. In those cases, Romer wraps each item individually and presents them all inside an attractive sea blue gift bag. 

Romer and her husband, who lived year-round on Nantucket for seven years earlier in their marriage, might never have predicted Nod Hill Soap.

The duo, who ran a gourmet market and deli, plus a catering operation on the island, also did a stint in California before gravitating to Connecticut. Knowing their history, however, the influence of those years on the island quickly becomes evident. The scents and colors of Nantucket are woven through the shop.

Nod Hill Soap is located at 81 Old Ridgefield Rd in Wilton Center. (203) 210-5347 Email nodhillsoap@gmail.com
Theresa Clarke December 04, 2013 at 06:37 AM
These soaps are so beautiful and fragrant. I bought two gift bags, one for a NYC executive friend and one for my teen niece. They were both elated - the quality, the 'divine' fragrance. The lip gloss is aptly named -- it goes on like butter. I tried the moisturizer and will buy that for Christmas gifts. Very reasonable - I have compared prices on the Internet, not even handmade, and other similar soaps are much more expensive. For me, the best find of 2014.
Suzze December 04, 2013 at 08:11 AM
Theresa, I couldn't agree with you more!!! I have already given several gift bags that Catherine, from Nod Hill Soap, put together for me and they have been received with exuberance. The Verbena sachet/bar of handmade soap and body lotion are my "go to' gift of the season.. I went to Pier 1 and purchased a natural sponge ($2..50) and added it to the pale blue Nod Hill Soap bag to round out the present. For approx $20.00, there is no better gift! Catherine, please never stop making your delicious soaps!


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