The Best Blogs on Patch: Sports and Marathon Tips

Written By Penny Riordan

Patch bloggers write about a variety of our topics on our site. From inspiring posts about teamwork to tips for the New York City Marathon, bloggers have a lot to say!

Here’s some of the best blogs we saw this week:

1. Blogger Debbie Cheng posted in her blog Bicep Mom on Los Altos Patch about how she finally decided to take time for herself to exercise as her kids grew older. 

After spending the first six years being available around the clock and volunteering for every school activity, Cheng felt she needed a change. 

"By following my wants and needs, I regained my identity and along the way, who I am as in IS started replacing SHOULD BE and today I am now a product of IS."

2. If you are ever spectating at a marathon, you'll want to read this post from blogger Amanda Zaleski.

In her blog post on Middletown Patch, Zaleski shared advice for spectators who are watching a marathon for the first time. 

One of her tips: "19. DO NOT buy us flowers. This is not a middle school band concert. Beer. Beer would be a nice gesture."

3. On Newton Patch in Massachusetts, Kate Lewis tackled a more serious topic: the pressure for students in high school to succeed.

Lewis, a young alumnus of Newton High School, reflected on recent suicides from teens at the school. 

In her blog post, Lewis said that the pressure to succeed can be a lot for teenagers. 

I can look back on it now and realize how pointless some of those high school pressures were.  I was never “perfect”, but I still made it—two years out from Newton North, I’m studying the subjects I’ve always loved at the university of my dreams, and the future has never looked brighter. "

Over on North Reading Patch, blogger Ed Russo, gave some advice to parents who are looking to be more involved in their child's sports activities.

Some of the best participants on teams that Russo coaches have parents who are involved, but not overly so. 

A positive experience will encourage players to continue playing sports and develop a lifelong interest in physical activity. So let’s get off the bench and make youth sports safe and fun for everyone."

Patch is open platform where readers can post, comment and recommend stories on the site. Any user is welcome to blog, by going to the ‘blogs’ tab from the homepage.


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