Lennox the Pit Bull

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Lennox was a medium-size, broad-headed dog that some say resembled a pit bull. In the city of Belfast, officials declared that he was a pit bull.

Pit bulls not allowed in the United Kingdom and consequently, Lennox was euthanized last Wednesday. 

The Pit Bull remains a topic for conflict around the world. Breeders of these dogs maintain that they are affectionate and bright and no more prone to aggression than any other breed. Owners cite example after example of this terrier as being wonderful examples of ''man's best friend."

Flip the coin and others tell horror stories about the violent nature of these dogs and their propensity to bite harder and longer. This particular breed may come to mind when the atrocities of "dog fighting' are considered. And, then there is drug trafficking.

Research shows that many veterinarians preferred to not enter the debate over pit bull traits and behavior. Research also shows that the conflict is quite heated ... experts such as canine behaviorists also run the gambit from good to bad. 

The American Temperance Test Society has found that the three breeds most likely to bite are the dachshund, chihuahuas and Jack Russell terriers. On the bottom half of that list, one finds the Pit Bull. 

In 2008, the Dec. 29th issue of Sports Illustrated ran an extensive profile on pit bull temperament. Dr. Frank McMillan of the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary stated, "Pit Bulls posses the single greatest ability to bond with people." 

To some that may seem a broad-based 'opinion' — to others a statement of 'fact.' Will this conflict, this collision over nature ever be resolved? Perhaps, but certainly not to everyone's liking.

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Glen K Dunbar August 07, 2012 at 11:12 PM
Interesting. Stamford Advocate i. e. Stamford ?? Ummm again I say it is NOT the dog but "type" ("BREED") of owner that makes a Dog bad. GLEN
Glen K Dunbar August 07, 2012 at 11:13 PM
I would also say that if you take a normal family/owner that owns a Pit Bull. That Dog would be a loving kind animal.
woti August 08, 2012 at 01:18 PM
I once had a neighbor who, in his words, wanted a "really vicious dog". So he went out and got himself a pit bull. He locked the dog in a cage in his garage for most of the time (probably 20+ hours a day) and did not treat her well the short time she was out. Of course "Honey" ended up biting his 7 year old niece. He got exactly what he wanted and then was surprised at the result. This was not the fault of the breed but the end result of the mistreatment of the poor dog. Irresponsible morons should not be dog owners.
Greg Kuehn October 03, 2012 at 11:27 PM
OMG - Who is PURCHASING pit bulls when there are so many amazing ones that need to be rescued. Hop on Facebook and check out Smilin' Pit Bull Rescue and go from there. You can get a pup that's ready for a home and much cheaper and honorable than buying one. Please don't buy your pittie.
R A Leon October 04, 2012 at 12:27 AM
My dad's family had a pit bull on the farm. The kids rode him, pulled his ears, pulled his tail and wrestled with him all the time. He was friendly but very protective. Kids would sleep on the floor and use the dog as a pillow. One day my dad as a little boy was walking with the family dog and came upon a man walking his Great Dane. The Great Dane started barking and pulling at his leash. My dad's dog started to growl. My dad told the man, "Mr, please take your dog away or our dog will get awfully mad." The other man let his dog go. Dad's dog got the Great Dane by the throat and it took both my dad and the owner to pry him loose. The Great Dane survived, barely. Then there was the time when the family dog went after a threatening horse . . . Rodney King was right. We should all try to get along.


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