6th Grader Spearheads Fundraiser

Alexis Capelle
Alexis Capelle
Most children’s Christmas list read somewhat the same and they are usually about wanting some material item.  

However, when Alexis Capelle’s parents read her Christmas list, they found something unexpected under #5:  “Food pantry trip to buy food”

Alexis then created her own fundraising website through Gofundme.com 
and wrote and posted the following testimonial:

“Alexis explains why giving during the holidays, and all year long, will make a big difference for families with children in need.  Imagine having nothing on the dinner table?  Imagine having to chose between paying your electric bill or feeding your family? We are here to help the needy and you can help too. $5 can give a family of 4 dinner. So please help us get to our goal.”

Alexis is a 6th grader at Middlebrook School and has long been an advocate for and donor to the Wilton Food Pantry.  She understand that there are families right here in our community who have fallen on hard times and are finding is difficult to make ends meet.  Whether it’s a divorce, job loss, illness, etc. that triggers the need, Alexis understands that Wilton residents need her help, especially the children and the elderly.  

And best of all, the spirit of the Holiday Season is alive and well in the heart of an 11-year-old girl.


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