'All That is Required to Ruin a Lifetime's Hard Work'

Patch readers call it how they see it. What's your favorite comment?


"Another Batman movie . . . to go along with another Spiderman movie . . . and soon another Superman movie. Can these people in Hollywood make anything original? Or at least something about real people and not comic book superheros?" - 

 "I try and avoid politics in general because they do little to further the human race, but what's the difference if Linda finances her own campaign or another candidate begs people for finances? Isn't it to her credit that she's using her own money?" -

"At least the bear didn't 'go' in the WP pool..." -

"It is important to remember that no one is guilty until proven so in a court of law. It is very unfortunate that all that is required to ruin a lifetime's hard work, building a reputation as a solid community leader, is one accusation of wrong doing." -  

"Why are we giving away money when the state should not be involved in private business. If they put their time in to saving tax payers money and business owners money we can create our own jobs. redic." -

"In a way, I'm happy that we don't have to support them in jail with three squares a day and medical care since they aren't violent, but I feel that the 'restitution' part of the punishment is a travesty." -


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