Boy Scouts Celebrate Successful Wreath Sale

Wilton Troop 125 gives heartfelt thanks to all those who helped support their fundraising efforts this holiday season.

Wilton Boy Scout Troop 125 would like to say thank you to all of the Wilton townspeople who supported our Holiday Wreath Sale fundraising efforts this year! Through your generosity, the Scouts will be able to purchase new tents, cooking gear and attend specialized leadership training opportunities. We will also send boys to Scout Summer Camp who otherwise might not be able to cover the cost.

Additionally, the Troop collected donations for a special service project. Enough money was contributed to decorate the Town’s Remembrance Monument to Veterans in Town Center with Scout Wreaths. The gift was gratefully received by 2nd Selectman Hal Clark and State Senator Toni Boucher on Saturday on behalf of the town. Also, the Troop utilized the rest of the donated funds to purchase 130 wreaths that have been placed on the graves of service men and women laid to rest in .

In addition to thanking the great people of Wilton, the Troop would like to especially thank our special Wilton business friends - , and the , who graciously welcomed and allowed us to set up selling stands in front of their businesses over the last two weekends. We wish you peace and joy and a safe holiday season.

- Wilton Troop 125

Rational Wilton Mom January 06, 2012 at 09:13 PM
You are very welcome. We purchased two beautiful wreaths that are still hanging in front of our home, and they look wonderful. The two scouts who helped me at Village Market were so polite and sweet and graciously brought my wreaths to my car.


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