Letter to the Editor: Why I Support Mark Robbins

Energy efficiency is a big reason why this Wilton resident supports Mark Robbins.


To the Editor:

As I sat down to write this endorsement, I asked myself why I cared and why the people of Connecticut should care, about having a state representative like Mark Robbins.

 As I met and spoke with Mark, I realized that while he and I had different backgrounds, his in sustainable land development and mine as VP of “Green” Datacenter solutions at a global IT company, Mark and I had a similar vision of the value of a multi-year energy strategy at the local and state level.

Investing in energy efficient buildings and infrastructure makes good sense, particularly as we refurbish and renew our communities. It creates an environment for capital investments; higher paying, more competitive jobs; and more specialized education and training for our middle class. Here are just a few examples of the impact:

  • Lower heating bills to residence and businesses by substituting natural gas for Oil.
  • Elimination of fuel subsidy programs due to affordable energy costs.
  • Access to federal and state incentives and community development program funds for energy projects and innovation.
  • Immediate excavation and construction jobs burying electrical lines and cabling underground
  • Lower electric bills due to “regained” electrical transmission efficiencies
  • Improved property values for residences located near above ground electrical wires.
  • Long-term benefits related to energy conservation and greenhouse effects.

So if energy efficient solutions are proven and payback is assured… why is energy not a cornerstone of every responsible state, county and town strategy? Why aren’t our local politicians making these opportunities become realities? 

Maybe it’s not because they can’t sell it, but because they don’t get it.  And that is why I support Mark Robbins as a candidate for State Representative.


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