'Like the Slick Used Car Salesman'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.


"If you have no interest in voting today why not just move out of Newtown and find somewhere to live where you think you can make a difference. China looks like a good place!" -

"Had this issue been placed on the budget referendum ballot - this would have already been a done deal...Well done Mr. Knickerbocker." -

"All it takes is a few seconds when you throw something out, to think about where it will end up; so proper recycling, using reusable bags when shopping, and repairing (when practical) instead of tossing things, will go a long way to keeping the Earth a better place to live. The planet has finite resources; unfortunately mankind has unlimited potentional to squander and toss. :(" -

"Mitt Romney is like the slick used car salesman trying to sell you something!" -

"Obviously something is wrong with the local politics, when the party of the republic nominates unqualified people such as Rutigliano, when long serving registrar's are summarily dismissed, when porn operations are run out of town hall. Fellow citizens, has this become the party to conserve the republic or lead to its disintegration?" -



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