'Perhaps They Could Teach Us a Few Things'

The best of today's comments from Patch account-holders in your town and neighboring communities.


NEW CANAAN: "What do we do about local school districts that prioritize bus scheduling and cutting costs over the health and development of our kids? I feel so discouraged when I hear people saying 'Oh, it will never change.' Local politicians will allow a minority of dissenting voters to shut down this important issue." This is what one New Canaan Patch reader said in response to a from starting the school day before 8 a.m.

SHELTON: "My fourth grade stepson starts school at 9 am, and doesn't get home till close to 5. Add in high school clubs and sports and kids won't be home till dinner time — no time for jobs and they'll be up even later doing homework... I can't see how that would be a good change to make." This is what one reader wrote on Shelton Patch'sFacebook page in response to the .

TRUMBULL: "... The best defense against being bullied is learned in the lower grades as well. That is where the educational focus needs to be placed. Ignore the bully, don't give him the attention that he craves. Focus attention on strenthening the skills and resuorces of the weak, the infirmed, the passive kid. That is the lesson that has been taught successfully since the beginning of civilization." This is one Trumbull Patch reader's response to a new school program makes students more aware of and accountable for 

WILTON: "With an abundance of pet supplies and pet food already available at the ,,  and soon Pet Pantry, I am beginning to believe there are more pets in Wilton than people. And all of them seem to be living the good life. A friend has a dog that is a regular at the grooming salon. She and her husband even take him to pet friendly resort hotels and restaurants. I see pets walking by our place wearing designer jackets for the winter. Not to mention high end booties and sterling silver collars. I’ve never heard of a pet suffering from high blood pressure or insomnia which confirms their stress free lifestyle. And they don’t pay taxes. Perhaps they can teach us a few things." This is one Wilton Patch reader's response to news that Keeler Hardware store was recently 


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