Wilton Business Owner to Walmart: Don't Sell Guns

She thinks Walmart should stop selling guns.


[Editor's Note: Amabel Chan, a Weston resident, recently went to the Walmart in Norwalk. Following the events of Dec. 14 in Newtown, Chan was upset the retailer had "machine gun-style pellet guns" on display. Chan is the owner of Marvin Gardens and Red's Roadside Attraction in Wilton. She wrote the following letter to S. Robson Walton, chairman of Walmart.]

Dear Mr. Walton,

I am a single mother of four children living in Weston, CT, 10 miles from the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

You have the financial power and political clout to make changes. Please help make a difference in our nation with gun control and discouraging the use of weapons, instead of condoning its use via the sale of weapons at Walmart.

It would be great if my single voice was heard by a man who could make that change happen.


Amabel Chan


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