19 Year-Old Arrested for Allegedly Threatening Mother

The suspect's mother filed a protective order against her on Aug. 7, police said.


A 19 year-old Wilton woman was arrested on Aug. 13 for allegedly threatening her mother, who filed a protective order against her on Aug. 7, according to Captain John Lynch.

The suspect was charged with violating a protective order and threatening after officers were called to the home by a witness who heard the suspect and her mother arguing inside of their home, Lynch said. The suspect allegedly told her mother that she "wanted to bash her head in with a rock."

The police were called to the same home on Aug. 4, Lynch said, when the two were physically struggled after the suspect accused her mother of stealing $80 from her purse.

The suspect posted a $1,000 bond and was scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 14.


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