Another Fake ID Found in Wilton Leads to Website Shutdown

Another fake ID found in a lost wallet in Wilton leads to the shutdown of a fake ID website by homeland security.

In an oddly repeititous turn of events, Wilton Police found yet another wallet containing fake IDs, this time at Wilton’s . Police said that the forged ID contained a Conn. license making the accused, identified as Zoe Bennett, 18, of Wilton, appear 21 years of age.

Captain John Lynch of the said police contacted Homeland Security after the accused informed Wilton police of the website in which she allegedly purchased the fake IDs from. The website, idchief.net/ph (which is now offline) had apparently sold the forged ID to the accused for $100. Police said that the website was being operated from somewhere in the Philippines.

Lynch said that police believe these IDs to be in connection with the two f because they appear to have been purchased from the same website.

Lynch said "posession of a forged instrument," such as a fake ID, is in itself illegal.

Police charged Bennett with third-degree forgery, a misdemeanor.


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