2-Car Accident on Rt 7 Results in Broken Hairpiece, Urine Test

The operator of a 2013 Dodge involved in an accident did not successfully complete field sobriety tests. He submitted to a urine test, which will take up to two weeks. The driver faces multiple charges including DUI.

While investigating a two car motor vehicle accident at Danbury Rd and New St. on Jan. 7 Wilton Police determined the operator of a 2013 Dodge four-door, Matthew Rumsey, 23, of 121 Ridgeline Drive, Poughkeepsie, NY, who rear-ended a 2007 Toyota 4-door, was under the influence of marijuana and charged with DUI.

According to Captain Lynch, when the responding officer arrived at the accident scene, the operator of the Dodge appeared to be sleeping. 

The officer knocked on the window several times and the driver rolled down the window.

When the officer asked the driver what had happened, Rumsey replied that he had seen the Toyota too late to brake. 

The officer subsequently observed a green leafy substance on the windowsill consistent with marijuana. The officer also observed a prescription pill bottle inside the car which contained marijuana and a multi-colored glass smoking pipe with residue, as well as a pill bottle containing multiple Xanax pills.

Rumsey was also in possession of $8,000 in cash, which Capt. Lynch said was not seized since it was not connected to illicit activity.

The driver of the 2007 Toyota 4-door that Rumsey rearended, was not injured but indicated her hairpiece was broken.

Also, according to Wilton Police, Rumsey's pupils did not dilate when the officer shone the flashlight, which is unusual. 

Rumsey, who did not successfully follow instructions on standard field tests, did submit to a urine test, which may take up to two weeks to indicate marijuana, according to Capt. Lynch. 

Rumsey was charged with DUI, Following Too Close, Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. 
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