Five New York Men Charged in September Stamford Attack

The charges are a result of a month-long investigation

Stamford authorities have released mugshots, names and charges of five men allegedly involved in a September assault that left two of the alleged attackers with gunshot wounds and a victim with blunt force trauma to the head and torso. 

Two of the alleged attackers were charged early yesterday, the others all turned themselves in to authorities later that evening.

According to Lt. Diedrich Hohn, six men from Rockland County, NY, were walking along Broad Street on the night of September 23, 2012, and allegedly made dispariging remarks to a female walking with a male. Hohn said the female responded to the group and her companion laughed at her retort, which is with what the group ultimately took issue. 

The victim attempted to avoid the confrontation, but the group continued to advance and ultimately attacked him, Hohn said. The victim allegedly sustained a prolonged beating and, only when he felt himself begin to lose consciousness, pulled a concealed handgun and fired seven rounds at the group.

Hohn said two of the groups members were struck by the gunfire, but the group allegedly continued to beat the man until a passing vehicle stopped and scared them off.

The five men allegedly involved in the incident all face a charge of first-degree assault and face a bond of $25,000. The group is currently scheduled to appear in court November 8, 2012. They have been identified by Stamford Police as the following:

  • Anthony Colangelo, 19, of Havestraw Rd. in Congers.
  • Cedric Savinon, 23, of Stockton Rd. in Valley Cottage.
  • Matthew Rose, 23, of Monsey Blvd. in Monsey.
  • Ardian Gjelosh, 24, of Post Ct. in New City. 
  • Gjon Kolnrekaj, 25, of Congers. 

The victim will not have any charges levied against him. He was treated and released from Stamford Hospital for blunt force trauma to the head and torso. The State Attorney's Office has labeled the actions "self defense."

Cath October 29, 2012 at 07:42 PM
Now this is a responsible gun owner- someone being beaten up by thugs and yet still waits until the last possible moment to pull it out in self-defense. I'm glad he's ok and not charged with anything.
Jose Ney Morales February 07, 2013 at 07:19 PM
waiting for five guys to beat you is waiting too long, if that is indeed what happened... five guys coming at you to beat you is enough of a threat to take action. too bad he waited that long, luckily the passerby saved his life.


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