Grand Theft Auto, Cash and Jewelry Larcenies in Wilton

The following information was obtained from the Wilton Police Department for the week of June 7-14. Arrest information does not indicate a conviction.

Stop and Shop, YMCA, High School, and Clune Center Cash Thief Charged

  • 6/14: Police arrested Christopher Corvese, 21, of Wilton for the following crimes: On 5/24, police received a complaint of a stolen wallet from Wilton Shop and Shop. On 5/14/11, money was at the high school’s Clune Center while their owners were taking part in a recital. At the YMCA, over the course of , money from eight persons had money stolen from belongings left in the men’s locker room. On 5/6/11, cash from a bag in Wilton High School had been lifted. Police said that over $1,800 in cash had been reported stolen. Corvese was charged with burglary in the third degree and larceny in the sixth degree. The findings came after Corvese wasafter being observed leaving from the Wilton YMCA, where he had been previously instructed not to return. Corvese is being held on a $75,000 bond and will be arraigned at the Norwalk Court House, according to the reports.


Seeking Jewel Thief

  • 6/9: Police said that $8,900 of jewelry was stolen from Campus Jewelers. Surveillance evidence shows a person placing three items of jewelry into a purse, according to the police. Police said they had identified a suspect.


Car Stolen from YMCA Parking Lot

  • 6/8: A 2004 Toyota Rav 4 was stolen from the Wilton YCMCA parking lot, leaving behind shards of broken glass may have been from the vehicle, police said. Police reports indicate that the car is suspected to have been stolen between 12 and 3:45 a.m. Police are investigating the matter.


$1,000 Lifted from Purse at Country Club

  • 6/8: Police said that a member had $1,000 in cash taken from her pure while she was playing tennis at the Rolling Hills Country Club. Police said outside video surveillance is being reviewed, and that the case is still open.


 Lost iPhone

  • 6/9: An iPhone went missing at Tom-E-Toe’s restaurant. Police said the iPhone may have been left behind and then stolen. The phone is valued at about $600, according to police.


Soliciting Season

  •  6/9: A trio of persons from the company Unified Doers Management were found soliciting without a permit. James Lee Gregg, 20, of Richmond VA; Rashad Sobotker 28, of Philadelphia, PA; and Anthony Thomas 32, of Atlanta, GA were issued a standard fine of $136 each for soliciting without a permit, police said. Police also said that the fines are issued to the offending persons, and not to the company itself. Unified Doers is based out of Washington, DC.


Copper Pipes Ripped from Vacant House

  • 6/8: A vacant, on-the-market house on Nod Hill Road was entered and had about $500 worth of copper water pipes ripped from installation, police said. Police believe the incident to have happened between Sunday, June 5 and Monday, June 6.



  • 6/10: A car turning east on Liberty Street didn’t quite adhere to the right turn required in order to travel onto Henry Austin Drive and ended up busting through a split rail fence before coming to a rest on the front lawn of a nearby residence, police reports said. Police said they found the driver, Christina Ketley, 19, of Wilton, to be intoxicated. She was charged with DUI and failure to keep right. She was arrested and released with a promise to appear in court.


  • 6/9: A car was stopped in a road detour at an intersection of Drum Hill and Ridgefield Road; police said they driver, Kenneth Hurd, 51, of NYC, was intoxicated. Police said Hurd was arrested and released with a promise to appear.


  • 6/8: Police said a car was driving on the wrong side of the road on Wolfpit Road.  Upon investigation, police said the driver, Lynn Wilson, 50, of Wilton, was determined to be intoxicated via failed sobriety test, was driving with open containers of alcohol, and was operating under a suspended license. She was charged with failure to drive in the proper lane, drinking while driving, DUI, and driving with a suspended license; she was arrested and released with a promise to appear in court, according to police reports.


Domestic Threat

  • 6/9: A 38-year-old Wilton man turned himself in after being notified that there was a warrant for his arrest, police said. The man was charged with threatening in the second degree for text messages and phone calls made to his ex, police said.  He posted a $5,000 bond and released with a promise to appear in court.


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