Larcenies at the High School, YMCA, and Wilton BP; Car Thief Returns; other Crimes and Misdemeanors

The following information was obtained from the Wilton Police Department from the week of May 9-16.


Monday, May 16 

  • If you’re going to sell magazines door-to-door, you’ll need a permit: Darric Cooper, 43, of St. Sarasota Florida, and Leslie Scales Jr, 24, of Martinsville Virginia, were both issued a town ordinance violation for soliciting without a permit. The exception of this ordinance rule is for those who solicit for religious or non-profit organizations, which the out-of-towners were not doing.
  • A Bridgeport man was charged with a larceny misdemeanor after he was caught stealing $40 from a file cabinet at the Wilton BP gas station. Abdul Lemon, 30, was found to be an employee at the BP; he was caught via video surveillance. He was issued summons to appear at Norwalk Superior Court and released.
  • A resident reported a at Olmstead Hill Road.
  •  A motor vehicle accident occurred on Route 7 near Orem’s Diner. Sean Barr, 33, of Trumbull, was traveling southbound when a vehicle operated by John Suckow, 20, of Darien, pulled out from Orem Diner’s parking lot. The two vehicles crashed, with Barr’s vehicle sent skidding into the northbound lane and Suckow’s sliding off the roadway onto the southbound shoulder. Barr was transported by ambulance to Norwalk Hospital with undisclosed injuries. Suckow was ticketed for failure to grant right-of-way while exiting a driveway.


Saturday, May 14

  •  About $250 was stolen from bags at the Wilton High School’s Clune Center. The bags were left unaccompanied while (presumably the owners’ of the bags) participated in a play rehearsal.


 Thursday, May 12

  •  A Dell Laptop and an iPod were This marks over a month of car burglaries, with 21 different residences and 31 vehicles hit by the car thief. Police are stressing all residents in to lock their cars at night.


Wednesday, May 11

  •  Locker burglaries were reported at the YMCA. YMCA personnel had received several complaints from clients over the previous three days concerning lockers in the men’s locker room that had been broken into. Both secured and unsecured lockers were entered. About $175 in cash was taken from wallets. No credit cards have been reported missing. The YMCA is looking into surveillance footage to search for suspicious activity and/or persons.
  • Rolando Pozuelo, 46, of Wilton, was charged with disorderly conduct after the victim, a female, came forward to police after an urging from one of her friends. The victim displayed signs of physical contact, according to the police. Pozeulo was called down to the station for an interview and subsequently issued a court summons. 


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