Local Teen Charged With Embezzling $33k from Caraluzzi's

After months of investigation, more charges are filed against a former Caraluzzi's employee.

In around eight months, Bethel native Stephen Nota allegedly embezzled more than what some people make in a year.

Nota, 18, a former cashier at Caraluzzi's Georgetown location, was on two counts of sixth-degree larceny stemming from his role in an embezzlement scam. According to police, Nota was observed through surveillance tapes voiding out cash transactions with a copy of a manager's badge, which he should not have had access to, and then placing the money in the register while maintaing an ongoing tally of his voids throughout his shift. At the end of his shift, he would remove the cash and take it home with him.

Nota was initially observed in January voiding transactions at his register and was arrested that day for that specific violation. Police said at the time of the arrest that further charges were pending and that came to pass on March 6, when Nota was arrested again and charged with first-degree larceny following an investigation.

According to Wilton Police Spokesman Lt. Don Wakeman, Caraluzzi's officials were able to go back through their records and track Nota's activity between May of 2009 and January of this year. Through a combination of surveillance and a review of their cashier journals, Caraluzzi's officials determined Nota had apparently stolen approximately $33,000.

Nota was released after posting a $2,500 bond and has a March 15 court date. Caraluzzi's officials, meanwhile, were not immediately available for comment.

ARLENE RICE May 03, 2010 at 12:12 AM


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