Lockdown Drill at Greenwich High School

If you saw Greenwich Police activity at the Hillside Road campus Friday morning, it was a lockdown security drill.


A lockdown drill was held Friday morning at Greenwich High School under leadership by the Greenwich Police Department, according to an e-mail notification Headmaster Chris Winters sent to parents.

The announcement came as school officials, including Superintendent William McKersie and schools security chief Tom Bobkowski, Police Chief James Heavey and First Selectman Peter Tesei, who's also the town's police commissioner, met with the Greenwich PTA Council to review district-wide school security enhancements.

In the e-mail sent Friday morning, Winters said:

"In keeping with our ongoing efforts to maintain safe schools in the Town of Greenwich, Greenwich High School, in conjunction with the Greenwich Police Department, conducted a lockdown drill this morning, Friday February 1. In order to prepare the students, Greenwich High School staff discussed the specifics of this drill ahead of time. For some students, this practice may have generated some anxiety. Clearly, the events in Newtown are still fresh in everyone’s mind. Our mental health professionals are ready to meet with any student who needs some extra attention.   

            Please talk with your child about this drill.

  • Calmly explain that a lockdown is something that the school does to keep students safe when a danger is present, such as when someone gains unauthorized access into the building.
  • Assure your child that we hope a lockdown is never needed but that practicing the drill will help keep him or her safe.
  • Remind your child that by practicing the drill we are better prepared to stay safe."

The lockdown drill on Feb. 1 is nearly six weeks after the Newtown shootings. Greenwich High School had planned a lockdown drill in December but opted to postpone it following the Newtown massacre, Chief Heavey said at the time.

Greenwich Patch will have more details as they become available.


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