Lombardo: Parisot Case 'Still Very Active'

A day after announcing an arrest has been made in wake of Nicholas Parisot's death in 2008, Chief Michael Lombardo said the case remains under investigation.

A day in the case regarding the , Police Chief Michael Lombardo told the press Friday the investigation wasn't over yet. 

"This is still a very active investigation," he said. 

On Thursday, working in conjunction with police officers in Placentia, Calif., Detective Christopher Isidro served an arrest warrant on a juvenile who surrendered to police without incident from his home in Placentia. He is charged with manslaughter in the second degree, which Lombardo said means that the "actions of a party causes the death of another." The charge is a Class C felony in Connecticut, he said. 

Because the suspect is a juvenile, Lombardo said, the department is unable to release his name.

Parisot died on June 13, 2008 after he struck a rope that was tied between two trees while he was riding his motorbike through the woods behind his grandmother's house. He was 13. 

Police had long identified a suspect in the case  due to a lack of evidence. Lombardo said this suspect was the juvenile they arrested. 

Det. Isidro flew to California and conducted more interviews and gathered more information, building the case, the chief said. Based on that new evidence, an arrest warrant was obtained from Stamford Juvenile Court. 

"It has never been a cold case—it's been active since day one," Lombardo said. "Our goal [has always been] to bring this to a conclusion."

Lombardo praised the efforts of all law enforcement officers involved in the case. 

"There were no known eyewitnesses, very little evidence," he said. "They continued to knock on doors, continued to interview people and build the case, which I think is a strong case." 

First Selectman William Brennan said it was both unfortunate and sad that the arrest took more than four years to occur, as the "long investigation was frustrated by a lack of cooperation."

"This is not a joyful occasion," Brennan said. "The loss of Nicholas Parisot, a 13-year-old boy in the prime of his life, was a tragedy not only for his family but for the entire community of Wilton."

Police Commissioner Christopher Weldon also commended the for working "tirelessly" on the case despite "hitting a number of unfortunate road blocks here in town."

Lombardo said that the department interviewed about 100 people over the course of the case and that 99 percent of them were cooperative. 

"For those who have not really cooperated with us, shame on you, because it has taken us longer than it should have," he said, adding that if all parties had cooperated, an arrest would have been made some time ago. 

Lieutenant Donald Wakeman said that the juvenile is in custody and there's an extradition process which could take up to a month. After working on the case for more than four years, Wakeman said the arrest provides a "great sense of relief." 

Lombardo said he spoke with the Parisot family Thursday night.

"I can't imagine how difficult something like this has been for them," he said, adding the community has shown the family a lot of support. "That's what this is all about. We have been relentless and not let up and that’s why we sent someone 3,000 miles—we owe this to Nicolas and we owe this to his family." 

Glenn and Barbara Knight and their then 12-year-old son filed by the Parisot family in 2009 which alleged they were responsible for Nicholas' untimely death. The Knights then sold their home on Hickory Hill Road. According to The Orange County Register, the Knights moved to Placentia, Calif. in 2010. 


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