Man Tells Ex-Girlfriend He'll Kill Her Animals

The man also was driving her car without her permission.

A New Milford man was charged with threatening in the second degree and taking a motor vehicle without the owners permission following a domestic incident with his ex-girlfriend, who lives on Old Belden Hill Road. 

According to , on Wednesday, Aug. 22, David Waller, 32, was told by his ex-girlfriend to leave her vehicle—which she'd previously let him use for about a month, police said—behind at her residence. Waller refused, driving over the grass and onto the roadway. 

Police said that Waller then told his ex-girlfriend via telephone he would be back with a baseball bat and would kill her animals.

Police then contacted Waller, who surrendered the vehicle and himself at police headquarters shortly thereafter. 

Waller was held on $1,000 bond. 


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