Menorah Damaged: Bias Crime or Wind Damage?

On Nov. 30 on Wilton Town green a menorah, constructed out of aluminum, was discovered to be damaged. The left most arm holding a light was found to be bent slightly downward and tow other lights were found to be dislodged from two other arms, according to Wilton Police.

Additionally, according to Wilton Police, a sign recognizing the menorah that had been attached to the structure was found on the ground at the base of the menorah. 

According to Lt. Wakeman of Wilton Police, "If we can establish that this was an act of criminal mischief toward a religious symbol, this will be considered a bias crime. We are trying to establish the time it happened because it could be due to wind damage."

"Obviously it is a religious symbol. If we establish that it was damaged due to criminal mischief, then we would pursue it as a bias crime," Wakeman said.

Anyone who may have further information concerning damage to the menorah is asked to contact Wilton Police at (203) 834-6260.



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