More Copper Thefts Spread Out Across Wilton

Thieves are stealing homeowners' copper downspouts.


Last week, Wilton Police responded to at least three incidents where residents reported copper downspouts were stolen from their homes.

According to police, on Dec. 5 a Grumman Hill Road resident reported a copper leader had been stolen off the side of his residence sometime the previous day. Another copper leader had been tampered with but remained on the house. Police said that homeowner was out about $200. 

Later that day, an East Meadow Road resident reported approximately $500 worth of copper had been stolen from his residence. Video surveillance cameras detected a figure in his driveway early that morning, police said.

On Dec. 6, a West Meadow Road resident reported about 25 feet of copper downspout had been stolen from the front corner of his residence.

On Dec. 1, another Grumman Hill Road resident reported a similar theft. In fact, these kinds of thefts have been reported throughout the year in Wilton. 

"We believe they may be happening in the early morning hours," Captain John Lynch said. "They’re not taking all of them. It could be a group, or it could be one person."

Lynch said copper can be sold for about $4/pound at scrapyards.

"Our follow-ups are saturating the areas where these are happening. We’ll be following up with scrapyards."

Lynch said that neighborhood watch programs or video surveillance can be good deterrents to these kinds of thefts.

"If you hear something suspicious, call us," Lynch said. "That’s what we’re here for."


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