Wilton Police: Norwalk Teen Arrested at WHS had Xanax

Wilton Police released more information concerning last Thursday's arrest at Wilton High School.

The following a trespassing on school grounds report at last Thursday allegedly had two orange pills, which he said were Xanax, in his pocket, according to Captain John Lynch of the

Lynch said that Mykhaylo Kunytskiyy, of Stone Crop Lane in Norwalk, was also in possession of a small amount of marijuana in a tiny baggie which was probably either a “nickel or dime bag,” a term coined because the bags sell for either five or ten dollars apiece and generally contain less than a gram of marijuana.

The two pills "were damaged" and Kunytskiyy said he did not have a prescription for them, according to Lynch. Kunytskiyy’s prior warrant, which Wilton Police used to arrest Kunytskiyy, was related to a failure to appear in court in relation to a sixth-degree larceny incident, Lynch said. A sixth-degree larceny is for theft under the amount of $250, said Lynch.

Xanax is considered a narcotic, and it is illegal to carry prescribed nartcotics without the original medicine bottle, even if the person possessing the narcotic is prescribed it, according to Conn. law. 

Concerns over have come into question since the , a Wilton High School graduate who , earlier this month. 


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