Ramsey Lawyer: 'Additional Psych Evaluation is Needed'

Homicide suspect Aaron Ramsey briefly appeared in Superior Court in Stamford Friday morning.


Handcuffed and wearing a red jumpsuit, Aaron Ramsey, the on May 3, made a brief appearance in Friday morning where his case was continued until Oct. 28.

Judge Gary White granted the continuance after Ramsey's public defender, Howard Ehring, said that after evaluating Ramsey, Stamford-based psychiatrist Dr. Justin Schecter recommended additional evaluation of his psychological state. Ehring told Judge White that Dr. Schecter is scheduled to speak with Ramsey again on Sept. 7 and that he would provide a hard copies of Ramsey's evaluations at the next court appearance.

"Dr. Schecter has evaluated Aaron and concluded that additional expertise would be necessary," Ehring told Patch. "Once he's been [further] evaluated, we'll be able to plead not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect."

Ramsey is accused of with a wrench and then stabbing his body repeatedly. He was found late last month and is being held on $1 million bond. His before Friday morning was on July 27.



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