We've got a Gutter-Minded Thief

Someone is swiping copper gutters around Wilton.

This thief’s mind is in the gutter—copper gutters.

Over the weekend, Wilton Police responded to two separate incidents that involved the stealing of copper gutters from Wilton residences.

On July 1, police said that a homeowner on East Meadow Road reported that her first-floor copper gutters and copper downspouts had gone missing during the time she had been away from home since June 28.  Police estimated the cost of the missing drainage material at $500.

On July 2, at 4 p.m., police received a complaint that a white male, possibly in his twenties, had been spotted removing copper gutter from a home on Chestnut Hill Road. Police said the man had been holding the copper gutters when a woman walking her dog spotted him, prompting the gutter-thief to drop the copper, jump in his car, and high-tail it out of the neighborhood. The witness said he had been driving a black vehicle. These copper gutters were also approximately valued at $500.

This isn’t the only time in recent memory that copper has been hunted for in Wilton. Around June 6 of last month, were torn from a vacant house on Nod Hill Road. Police have not linked this incident with the above two crimes.

Copper is worth about $4.33 a pound, according to the most recent stats on metalprices.com, which lists itself as a licensed vendor for the New York Mercantile Exchange on its website.


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